2021 Joint Call on “Circularity”

2021 Joint Call ERA-NET Cofund ICT-AGRI-FOOD, FACCE ERA-GAS, SusCrop and SusAn

2018 Joint Call on Novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of animal production systems – 8 projects funded

The overall objective of the 2018 Joint Call of the ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS, SusAn and ICT-AGRI is to contribute to the development of novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the GHG intensity of animal production systems in Europe and beyond. This funding initiative calls for applied research. The projects’ potential impact should be relevant for the mitigation of GHG emissions within 5 - 10 years.


2016 Cofunded Call on research for a sustainable animal production sector in Europe – 14 projects funded

The first Co-funded Call of ERA-Net SusAn was launched in January 2016.

In a two-step selection procedure a total of 14 research projects were selected for funding by 23 European Funding Parties. The Funding Parties pooled 16 million EUR including EU Top-Up funding.

Originally, 74 pre-proposals were received via the submission platform.